aka. Hipster Hanzo

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Now, this is is the sort of empowerment that Blizzard should be providing for their male heroes in these trying times.  Look at that confidence and badassery – plus the sexual empowerment of being willing to let you see all his piercings (or is it just most of his piercings… if you know what I mean)

Here’s hoping someone on the Overwatch team latches onto this idea and lets it inspire their next Hanzo skin.

– wincenworks







I’m struggling with the ‘theme’ of this shoot

i have never gone from “nice” to “im sorry what did i miss something” so fast while scrolling down a post


There’s so many great concepts here that could inspire empowered heroes and spinoffs.  Things could become so great if more creators looked to images like these for inspiration.

– wincenworks

So, this game called Breakaway that seems to want to sort of pitch itself a multi-player battle game… but is apparently more of a sports game… so why are the characters all dressed like this?  And why named off historical or mythological figures?

I guess it just doesn’t make sense to me because I don’t have the kind of super creativity required to make a game that looks basically every other imitation of a couple of popular titles.

– wincenworks