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Modern Swordswoman

Richard submitted:

Sometimes a good example of a lady in armor helps to cleanse the palate. Here’s a young lady who recently won a longsword competition at an international jousting tournament. Notice how she wears loose pants for flexibility instead of a loincloth? And that she looks freaking awesome?

Full article with interview here.

Awesome swordslady is awesome! You can find her on tumblr, too.

edit: Apparently Escher Girls published the same thing at the same time I queued the post, you can check Ami’s version here.

Between Friends comic by Sandra Bell-Lundy (who I thank greatly for letting me publish the above excerpt)
View whole storyline here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

E submitted:

I’ve been amused by the “Hot Flash Woman” sub-plot in the Between Friends newspaper comic and thought you might get some interesting material from it. This is the simplest one to just post a link to (mod note: the second one here), with two characters debating sex-appeal vs. practicality.

Thanks for submitting! 🙂 As you said, this comic sheds some light on ever-so-handwaved ’sex-appeal vs. practicality‘ dilemma in female costume design.
And, at least in my opinion, comments how internalized “I want her to look sexy and empowered!” mindset is even by female content creators.
People just tend to focus on (relative/arbitrary) visual appeal without the second thought on how the costume would affect the character within the rules of their own world. And once it’s questioned, said rules are bent with weak excuses like ’distraction bonus’.

Also, let it be a reminder that this blog is not focused solely on female armor, but on all kinds of impractical outfits for female fighters, that includes superheroes.

May I request captioned GIFs for every moment this reviewer comments on how offensively stupid designs of this game are?

 Why do you even have this giant armored robot if you’re just hang at the front of it, so everybody can see you?! (1:51 – 1:55)

By the end of this video I want to figure out what is up with that underwear. It’s not even underwear. She has, like, A TATTOO… for… underwear. What is it??? I don’t know… (2:12 – 2:25)

You know, I think I wanna put some glasses on you, so you’re AT LEAST a little bit more covered up. I’m sorry I can’t help you, really… (2:41 – 2:48)

Despite my best intentions, she’s not wearing clothes again. I tried. I tried to give her at least the glasses… No. (2:58 – 3:07)

EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME is sexualized to the max. You think you’re safe going over to this vending machine, but oh, nope, the vending machine’s showing you its ass. (6:06 – 6:15)

What is on your butt? How old are you? You just told me that I have to be level 10. You look like you’re 8… (6:22 – 6:30)

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Sorry for not posting for a while, still busy and still out of on-topic reblog material.

As much as I’m tempted to post here something on Dragon’s Crown, we all know that Amazon’s battle bikini fades in the face of how ridiculous her (and the Sorceress’) bodies and posing are.

I don’t want to dilute the specific topic of this site by posting about vaguely related matters instead. Even the positive example posts are a bit of a stretch sometimes.