I am writing a paper on the portrayal of women in video games for class and when I was on tumblr once upon a time I found a picture of a guy (real life model) and he was in “armor” (imagine female gaming armor in real life) I was wondering if you had seen it? or have a link to it? I want to find examples of men in “female” armor. Thanks!

I think you might be referring to this guy! Or possibly this high fashion model (NSFW!). For more men in similar type of “armor” check out the Sexy Male Armor tag. Hope this will help with your paper 🙂

If you, by any chance, happen to publish it online afterwards, please link it to me.

Just to clarify that second picture on the Dragon Eternity post. They’re both wearing the same thing. The 2 pictures of the man and woman were put next together for comparison, but the armor sets and stuff were put on either side to indicate the set of armor.

Hi, on your recent post for Dragon Eternity, the man is wearing a breastplate and pants- both characters are wearing all the equipment in the icons surrounding them.
I’m pretty sure the layout of items is actually supposed to show that both of them have everything… just apparently the female warrior’s gear becomes invisible.
Point taken. Thank you, friends, for clearing that up!
Sorry, for I got confused by the image’s divided composition 🙁
Edited the post in question to clear things out.
Everyone who reblogged it from me, PLEASE EDIT THE POST to prevent further confusion!

Upcoming anniversary and a new affiliate!

Announcement time!

As some of you may have noticed, recently BABD has been armed with a convenient cloud tag in the sidebar. Just updated it’s design to match blog’s theme a bit better. Hope it will help the readers with finding articles related by tags.
I try my best at tagging every post consistently, but feel free to message/comment if you think that something needs to be tagged further!

Let’s give warm welcome to the newest official affiliate, fucknosexistcostumes (formerly fucknosexisthalloweencostumes)!
The blog was recommended  (but inactive) on BABD’s related subpage for some time now, but since it got recently renewed under new management, we’re more than happy to affiliate and give each other some exposure!
Go check it out to see that sexist double standards are not a problem exclusive to the realm of fiction.

And as for final announcement, next Saturday, March 1st, will mark Bikini Armor Battle Damage’s first anniversary!
To celebrate it, I’m planning on releasing long-procrastinated surprise project (hint: you can play it!), so keep looking forward and spread the word, dear readers!

The biggest present you guys can give to this blog on its first birthday would be the word of mouth! BABD is 46 followers short of hitting 1000 mark and I’d be delighted to see this number by the time anniversary comes. Can you do it? 🙂


yeah but, cartoon women, any drawn women, aren’t wearing those skimpy and sexual clothes out of choice, they’re wearing it because someone drew them that way, normally for a reason. so so don’t go “oh maybe she chooses to fight crime in a bikini and high heels” bc a man sat at a desk and decided she was gunna wear those clothes, for a reason, for the audience or his gaze. so no, its not slut shaming, its creepy man shaming

*applause* A point that sadly needs to be constantly reiterated.
I’ve been saying exactly this for a long time now!

Bolded by yours truly.