Hey guys! Check out OSO’s first line based on my Super Smash Bears series! They are currently in production and pre-ordering will be available soon! 😀

Not quite sexy male armor this Friday, but deliberately sexy male redos of iconic video game characters nonetheless.

As we made a point before, a lot of unironic masculine equivalents to standard female sexualization come from gay or otherwise LGBTQ male artists. 

And @bearsionated’s OSO project is no different: reimagining various Super Smash heroes as human bears (stocky, hairy gay dudes).
Now that’s some quality balance to, say, turning pokemon into underclad generic waifus. Except the art is so much better, more creative and varied, even though all characters fit one beauty type!


Tidy Up Tuesday #67

A couple things to catch up to this week:

Thanks to everyone who sent this tumblr thread our way. We agree 100% with the points made there regarding false equivalence, though since it’s a long post reiterating what we have said on the blog before, and starts with a gross publicity stunt by Milo Namara and Frank Cho, we most likely won’t be reblogging it.

We have a new affiliated site in our Related section: FemHype (also on Tumblr) – a feminist gaming blog that is a safe space for women and non-binary readers.

Something we should cover in this post about Female Armor Bingo’s purpose: the square placement, while not completely random, is largely incidental. All Ozzie was aiming for when putting it together is giving highly visible squares to most prevalent tropes and putting related tropes close, but not close enough to guarantee too-easy bingo rows.

Apparently Tekken 7′s designs are so close to how erotica looks that our today’s post about it got flagged as NSFW (h/t: @kyaranflowers)

Things we addressed before: 

~Ozzie, – wincenworks & -Icy

These are all screencaps from a Features Overview promo video.

So, it seems that the Tekken fanbase have either settled down and decided to spend their time playing the game (rather than searching for anyone besmirching it’s name) or moved on to protecting other games.

I have fond memories of playing the early Tekken games and I really wanted to get excited about the new Tekken game, but with the priorities on display in this trailer made it kind of hard.

Particularly telling is scene with Nina in some sort of white (bridal?) gown with a gun, where in a video to show off how well crafted the game is: there’s a rather worrying issue with the cutscene animation.


Then of course, that after all the rage directed at Konami after the last year or so… they still think the audience will be excited about Pachinko machines.

Can’t say that I’m surprised though.

– wincenworks

Image credit to @cypheroftyr (twitter | twitch | @ineeddiversegames)

Alisa Bosconovitch is an android, who despite being advanced enough to display complex emotions in decision making and think of herself as human is somehow unable to realize that her creator denied her all dignity.

The sign off team at Tekken 7 were also unable to discern the worrying implications of these kinds of designs on an android who is supposed to be modeled off the (in game) creator’s own daughter.

Finally, I may not have a Medical degree in Fashion from France, but I do believe these may be the worst heels/shoes ever conceived:


Seriously, these make even Bayonetta’s… err… Samusglowing pee powered, ankle breaking rocket pumps look well designed.

– wincenworks

Blood Elves vs. Night Elves… AND BOTH SUCK!

@thenightmarerider submitted: 

Found this on Facebook, and as far as I can tell it’s official art. May as well be, because knowing the history of WoW’s design of female armour, this just fits the bill. Multiple bingos as far as I understand it, simply because OH LIGHT WHY?! And of course, you’d never see a male character caught dead in this stuff, so pretty evident in a bizzare elven fetishisation. 


But guuuys, Blizzard totally tries to do women better now! 

Because Overwatch does some baby steps in that direction, we should definitely ignore how art like the one above (originally promoting Burning Crusade ten years ago), or this or  this or this still gets officially used to promote World of Warcraft