Tidy Up Tuesday #67

A couple things to catch up to this week:

Thanks to everyone who sent this tumblr thread our way. We agree 100% with the points made there regarding false equivalence, though since it’s a long post reiterating what we have said on the blog before, and starts with a gross publicity stunt by Milo Namara and Frank Cho, we most likely won’t be reblogging it.

We have a new affiliated site in our Related section: FemHype (also on Tumblr) – a feminist gaming blog that is a safe space for women and non-binary readers.

Something we should cover in this post about Female Armor Bingo’s purpose: the square placement, while not completely random, is largely incidental. All Ozzie was aiming for when putting it together is giving highly visible squares to most prevalent tropes and putting related tropes close, but not close enough to guarantee too-easy bingo rows.

Apparently Tekken 7′s designs are so close to how erotica looks that our today’s post about it got flagged as NSFW (h/t: @kyaranflowers)

Things we addressed before: 

~Ozzie, – wincenworks & -Icy