jinxedartwerks answered your post: Sorry for not updating often …

I wish I could think of something to submit. D= I think most people send things to either Repair-Her-Armor or Escher Girls now. =(

People have been submitting to Escher Girls forever, so it’s not like I’m jelaous XD

And Repair-Her-Armor has definitely easier to meet requirements for submission. “Find a broken outfit” and/or “Fix broken outfit”.

That reminds me… One of our submission options, in opposition to fixing the outfit, is breaking the character wearing it.
Anyone willing to draw a scantly-clad warrior woman actually getting chafed by chainmail bikini, freezing in cold weather or, you know, getting stabbed in her bare stomach?

Sorry for not updating often lately. Real life got to me, so I’m busy, and there’s no reblog material to queue.

…submit something, please?


Anonymous submitted:

I was impressed by the Comic-Con poster for Edge of Tomorrow. It features a woman who is clearly female, but not sexually posed and fully, practically clad in sci-fi armor. I didn’t have much interest in the film before, but if it holds up to this kind of non-sexist standard, I think I’m going to have to check it out.

Yay for reasonable female sci-fi armor! 🙂

To the Anon who sent me an ask today

Your message was ignorant and cissexist through and through, so don’t expect me to publish it.

If you want me to answer you, I would do this privately IF YOU DID NOT USE ANONYMOUS FEATURE.

Also, I think I explained my problem with the noun ‘female’ (and/or male) as well as I could here, including the article’s comment section. If you read all of those and still don’t get it, we have nothing to discuss together, dear Anon.

This blog is a feminist-friendly space, but we’re not here to discuss sexist vocabulary, so I hope this is the last post not regarding female warrior outfits.