Evolution of a Swordsman in Ragnarok Online


danseru-kun submitted:

Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG where you can choose some job classes and level them up. I am actually not a player but this game is pretty popular in my country. Posters of this game is everywhere and I admire the style. This game features really good female outfit but the majority still falls into the sexualized category especially when you compare it to men. This is a sample:


A novice can start as a swordsman. Decent armor for the girl, feminine but tough. Equality ftw


Crusaders looking badass! One of the steps you can choose in the job tree. True warriors of the church! Yes equality for brothers and sisters!


And… then the Crusaders turn to Paladins. Aww look at how the mighty warrior discovered the truth that mini skirts are more functional and you don’t have to protect your belly. The highest class…


And from a Swordsman to a Holy Crusader to a Paladin we get the Royal Guard and… nuff said.

Man: leather clothes and boots -> more protection and boots until the highest class

Woman: leather clothes -> leader clothes with armor -> mini skirt and midriff -> bikini and stilettos (pls fix this one)

All images are official art and can be found in the sites below. The art style changed over the decade hence the inconsistency.

Poor girls had to donate most of their clothes in exchange for better weapons and shields. Now they have to run around in their underwear! ):


Mod edit: As HohenheimOL observes, not only the costumes change for worse, the illustrated character’s attitude too!


[There’s a] jarring shift in body language between the first and second half. Hell, the characters on both genders look completely different; they start out looking rough, gritty, and battle ready. Come the second half, they look like generic animu “action” protagonists.



Could be a bit less boobplate-y, but pretty cool design nonetheless.

pfffft. there’s plenty of room under there for proper padding. look how much it slopes out right at the shoulder level

Yeah, it’s the rare instance of female armor being properly layered beneath the top surface of metal.
But what I meant is that it still has the boob bumps, which create a weak point right where the sternum is. I doubt that the golden ornamentation in that place actually helps the case.

Boobplate is not only superfluous design-wise (because for most armored women breast-flattening with sports bracorset or sarashi is obligatory part of padding anyway), it can also kill the wearer.

Just about the Sims post, I have a feeling the mods call them ‘female’ because Sims aren’t human, and in the game they’re called female and male (no man or woman). A bit of trivia, too, there’s a knight’s armour that, IIRC (I used custom content a lot – there’s a few issues with the sexualisation there, but a lot of women CC makers use good designs that are practical and not sexualising of the sims either, just avoid The Sims Resource), is the same for both F and M. :) No harm intended here.

But the ‘better’ females is not cool. Definitely don’t approve of that, but I’d say that’s made by quite a young person. There’s a community of custom content makers that don’t sexualise the clothing and makeup etc. of the sims either, it just depends what website you visit (personal livejournals and other blogs tend to be pretty good, Garden of Shadows usually is too). There’s good lingerie though! Sims is a tricky thing to debate because of its user generated nature.

Now you’re going to think I’m a misogynistic girl who defends Sims for her own interests. That’s definitely not what I intended and I’m sorry. 🙁 You can’t really calls sims ‘men and women’ because they aren’t at all. They strange creatures, just simulations. In Skyrim and any other game, they are men and women. If that makes sense? That doesn’t mean Sims should be sexualised though or treated the way they were in the CC you posted about. ‘Female’ is what you’d call a Sim woman though as for male

A long ask referring to the Skyrim mod posts that I intended to answer for some time now.

I’ll always stand by referring to sentient humanoid characters as “men”, “women” or “people” and if the game itself endorses using female/male as noun towards their cat- or lizard-person race… I’m NOT okay with that.
The characters clearly are designed to resemble humans, hell, the ones used to in thumnails for mod pack look VERY HUMAN to me, so there’s no reason to not call them “women”.

As discussed earlier with angercats, mod community is hard to discuss and judge as a whole. But we can agree that every modder should take personal responsibility for their creation, and that includes how it’s presented in both wording and visuals.

You can’t really calls sims ‘men and women’ because they aren’t at all. They strange creatures, just simulations. In Skyrim and any other game, they are men and women. If that makes sense?

Nope, it doesn’t make sense.
A fictional character created in the likeness of human (body and/or mind) is A PERSON, albeit fictional one. And a person may be female or male (or other), but can not be “a female” or “a male” (an “it’) rather than a woman or a man (a “she” or “he”).

And I won’t say that you’re misogynist, because  what you’re saying doesn’t serve patriarchy. You just didn’t realize that make-believe characters also have personhood that could be erased through inconsiderate wording.

Note: Please, ergoexistence, next time do not refer to mods as “Sims”, it’s really confusing when we’re talking about a game that’s neither simulation genre nor part of The Sims franchise.


Skimpy female armor is not sexy like wow ok I can see your boobs and ass now but its gonna be pretty nasty when you get them chopped off in battle.