No wonder the lose the war…

MichaelD submitted:

Hi I previously submitted Ellen from Kingdom Under Fire and since you’re asking for submissions here’s another expample from that game. This is the kind of thing that passes for armour for the Dark elves.

Their Commander: 

Their infantry (minus sword and kite shield):

And for comparison.

A human commander:

Human Infantry:

I can’t imagine why the humans invasion goes so well…

Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

Well, to be fair those are probably male human soldiers (isn’t Ellen human too?), but yeah… One really have to wonder which of those troops is gonna be slaughtered in battle.

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…So maybe you’d submit something?

So if you want to wear some sculpted armor to the Ren Faire because you feel fabulous-looking in it, go forth and have fun! But if you’re drawing lady soldiers, or creating female characters who are depicted as actual warriors, please err on the side of reality when designing their armor. Science says your boob plates are killing the women you hoped they would protect. And none of us want that.