As @nuttynutifications pointed out in an old submission about Attack on Titan, the Humanity’s Defence Force uniform is not only practical, but actually, well… uniform, regardless who wears it. 

This section of the video by 

Super Eyepatch Wolf takes the point further, by stressing how important it is that the costume suits everyone, regardless of gender, age or bodytype. The lack of gratuitous fanservice or double standard makes the army (and characters belonging to it) relatable to everyone.

Saddest part of it is that AoT still remains a rare noble exception to the “ladies must look completely different, because if no boob how woman?” rule.


h/t: @filipfatalattractionrblog

Swords of Divinity is a game by an asset flipper (actually the one featured in the video) and while they have unspectacular in pretty much everything else, they really managed to make a spectacularly bad design here.

And yes, that is an Archer with what looks like a terribly designed crossbow.

– wincenworks

It’s been some time since I came across an “armor” so pointy, underbooby and uncovering all the vital parts. Truly a magnificent beast among the generic “sex sells” character designs.