Happy Holidays from Bikini Armor Battle Damage!

You guys may have noticed I’m taking it easy lately with the updates (real life business + holidays), but neither I nor BABD blog are dead!

Just tuning in to wish you all, whatever you celebrate (or not), a great holiday time and a happy upcoming new year!

Gonna queue some reblogs and prepare something special for 2014.

Keep safe in the winter and don’t forget to trade your fur bikini armors for something warmer 😉

Forgot I wanted to answer that some time ago:


 eleganthope replied to your post: Skyrim – Impractical Armor by&nbs…

Funny how a stake or anything like that to the heart could pretty much kill anything done right, and yet; people insist on showing some bits of the chest.

Yeah, the problem of boob window on warrior’s outfit put in one sentence.
The heart and surrounding areas is a go-to for any potential enemy on a battlefield, yet in for some reason uncovering this bit is desired (?) if the character is female.

Considering the comment refers to a vampire character, it also reminds me of some satirical list I saw once on the Internet which concluded that vampires are weak to pretty much everything and half of the things that kill them would kill a human as well.