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It’s about shopping and making the town great with your awesome deals and moneymaking skills, yet…..they gotta appeal to male viewers!!

Gotta appeal to male viewers who have specific desires and hence want to see fantasy women in ridiculous outfits, often covering up one eye with hair and/or baring their midriff.   This seriously looks more like it’s someone’s idea for a dating sim than a shop simulator/manager game.

Among other concerns, this makes me worry that someone is going to make a Fantasy World Dating Sim and it’s going to get all kinds of negative reviews from confused people who thought it was a dungeon crawlers, shop manager, tactical strategy or pretty much any sort of game other than a dating sim.

– wincenworks


After discussing the disturbing attitude towards female protagonists in video game industry Jimquisition once again tackles the topic of gender in games by commenting on controversy around Dragon’s Crown female character designs.

Sorry to post again about not-exactly-warrior-outfits, but it’s a very relevant case concerning strictly related areas (character design, women in popular culture).

Bringing the case of Dragon’s Crown’s female character design problems as a reminder that just because lady hero’s “sexyness” is exaggerated deliberately doesn’t automatically make it okay. Especially not when she’s not that different looking from any other generic sexy warrior we already have too much of in media.


Once again, Street Fighter V has been “censored”, presumably because someone at Capcom has been notified of what boobs actually are and realized that there is no way Juri could fight, jump around or even really breathe without inviting a wardrobe malfunction.

I mean seriously, it was actually more impractical than her Street Fighter IV default costume’s top, which was basically a handkerchief with straps.


Unsurprisingly, there are bros for whom full body latex outfits that are molded to every curve are still not sexy enough and they feel cheated that it won’t be open up the front… at least note in the default.  I mean, based off Laura’s alternative costumes it’s a good bet that Juri will get at least one costume that’ll be at least as revealing as the teaser.

– wincenworks

Women allowed to joust at English Heritage tournament for first time

Women allowed to joust at English Heritage tournament for first time

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Worth noting that Mike Loades pointed out things that might give a slightly misleading impression in the article, especially the fact that Nicky and Alix’ extensive jousting experience in European circuits gets barely any mention – which might cause an inattentive reader to think that this is really the first time women were allowed to participate in modern jousting tournaments when in fact it’s only the first time for English Heritage while women had been a prominent presence in European jousting for at least a couple of decades by now.

As everyone should know, we love ladies in jousting matches.

It should also be noted that Alix van Zijl, already competed in another UK jousting tournament in 2013.

That and I feel it’s a good time to mention that the armor worn at these events is not only authentic looking – it’s authentically functional too, by necessity.

– wincenworks

Women allowed to joust at English Heritage tournament for first time

Women allowed to joust at English Heritage tournament for first time