despairtsumikie submitted:

A while ago, I played this game online (I don’t remember what it was called though, Dragon something I believe?) And this is what my female character started with, I didn’t take anything off.

I don’t have a guy to compare it to, but I just figured they started with roughly the same. Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to get poor Alouette some clothes

It looks like a fairly decent outfit, right? But this is what it looks like when she’s wearing it

Even her boots are high heels now. It looks like they just used icons for men’s armor despite the fact that they made them different. Which just begs the question:WHY????

The game is Dragon Eternity.  I found a comparison of what the men and women look like wearing that armor set (2nd image). Looking through that, it looks like the female swimsuit armor theme seems to continue on through the other sets.  Apparently when women wear pants, they turn into battle stockings.

Anyone gonna note that when the man wears only gauntlets,a helmet, boots and a shield, he becomes fully CLOTHED?? WTF? And a fully clothed female gets the opposite. This has to fucking stop, game developers…

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edit: Changed the reblog to the one that includes shotashiroba’s invaluable note.

Apparently the woman is supposed to have a full breastplate and pants, while the man has none of those equipped, yet their looks convey the exact opposite!

EDIT 2: As eschergirls, wincenworks and haferflocken pointed out, the characters are actually geared with exact same equipment. Sorry for making a confusing reblog!*

*In my defense, that interface does a crappy job at conveying what belongs to whom.