When the Ghosbusters team unveiled the new uniforms for the 75% female team of Ghostbusters, people sort of flipped shit because the ladies were in shorts while the only male member was in a full coverall. 

The entire reason to put the ladies in shorts and feature covers of them in shorts? This fucking lesson on why it’s ridiculous to dress female characters any differently than male characters. It’s the shitty armor argument, the cleavage argument, and the leotard argument all wrapped up in one simple lesson: Looked how fucked up their legs are.

And you know what really brings it home? It’s two things, really.

1) They did their fucking jobs despite the shitty uniforms forced upon them (in this case, by a PR person from the city).

2) Janine is having fucking NONE of it, and when it’s suggested putting a man in shorts (sexualizing a man) is the answer, she is having even LESS.

Fucking YES.

I straight-up LOVE that an actual mainstream comic directly addressed the usually overlooked fact that the more skin you show, the more scratched it will get.
And for an action hero, like a Ghostbuster, scratches are the best-case scenario.

Bolded for emphasis.

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