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I’m always 100% balls to the wall for shirtless Red Sonja and I wish American comics would embrace nudity like that

But she shouldn’t be wearing Germanic clothes. Doesn’t make sense for the character. The Hyrkanian Steppe is Eurasian and considering the people being known for horse-riding maniacs, she’s closer to a Hun, but with the red hair + her goddess Scathach(Scott/Irish folklore) she’d be interesting to be a mix of Hun and Scottish Highlander

Also I feel like redraws I see of her never do anything to think of her religious side. Conan’s god some religious beliefs with Chrom and everything but Scathach is a vital part of Red Sonja’s character

From what I understand from @schweizercomics post we reblogged waaay back, original book Red Sonja (who, to those familiar with lore, is a different character from the famous scale bikini version) was Polish-Ukrainian, so Howard-accurate depictions would need Slavic costume influence, instead of Germanic or Scottish. 

Irregardless of what Sonja’s ethnic/cultural background is supposed to be, we always welcome redesigns that are made with something else in mind than “can I fap to her?” and

female presenting nipple-flaunting Barbarians are always our favorite. 


h/t: @albtraumbaum 

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