Since I was a little underwhelmed with the Sol and Mani skins for
Brigitte, I went ahead and designed my own fan medieval skin. I will
close my eyes and pretend real hard I’m using this one while playing
Overwatch, because I’m that much of a sad armore boi!

I’m really enjoying all of these excellent Brigitte redesigns! 

I love how industrial her armor looks; it really looks like she forged it herself for function, rather than for looks. There’s even dirt on it! It really looks like it has thickness and weight. Her silhouette is bulky and reminds me that she was Reinhardt’s squire, which was a big part of her backstory (ahem, Blizzard). I’d love to see the shield that goes with this armor.

This is just me being bored with Blizzard, but I really appreciate the long belt hanging down. It may not be the most practical for a battlefield, but it’s a different way to break up the design using a vertical shape than tabbards and hip huggers.

The artist does a lot of interesting work (and their use of color is AMAZING), so hop on over to their blog!