sparklewoods submitted:

The Mother of Huskies by Steve Wang. Source:

Mostly good with a layperson’s eye, except for the high heels D:

Yeah, I don’t quite get the high heels, since they don’t add anything via shapes or anything, the pup is in the way of most of the shoes… But I do like this piece overall. Good layering in her clothes, and I like the use of leather, plate, and chain. The doggos are super cute. I do wish that the lady was also covered in blood a bit, at least on her sword hilt or something. But at least she’s clothed for the environment, which I can’t believe is something I have to point out as a positive.

The artist doesn’t actually draw a lot of people with, like, faces and stuff, and this piece was noted to be a present. If you enjoy world-building concepts, and in particular, environments and scifi vehicles/robots, do check out their gallery.