Speaking of fandom, just blocked a guy that was complaining about me not liking this figure.

He was complaining about how people like me always whined even when we got what we want, and that we were never satisfied and GW was buying bullied or some shit. Because apparently when you tell a guy “I want new and redesigned SoB figs to come out, without the boob armor and stupid shit and especially without the heels some art has” they hear “I want more SoB figs”.
Like no I’m sorry but at this point I’d much rather they stop making them if they’re going to do these pieces of shit. How clueless can you be making the first sororita fig in months and give it a stripper leg ?

Here’s one for @bikiniarmorbattledamage. I keep laughing like a moron just looking at this pic. The armor’s not just impractical and sexualized, it’s gaudy, kitschy, and stupid. Is that the Sisters’ strategy? To distract their opponents with how ridiculous their outfit looks? I mean, I suppose it’s hard to aim when you’re convulsing with laughter. 

Boobplate made from literal skulls and nonsensical heels is somehow a good response to all the problems women have with Sisters of Battle armor… really? That’s an… interesting place to draw the “you’re never satisfied, aren’t you?” card.

Some vocal male Warhammer 40k fans probably aren’t part of Toxic Masculinity Brigade, but I haven’t really met one yet… 

And since every time something about double standards in WH40k is referenced a tide of Twitter thread-worthy replies arises, I await them anxiously. 


PS: Apparently this design is based on an old piece of artwork… Which is a 0% valid excuse for Games Workshop to produce it now, after years of being called out on perpetuating sexist stereotypes with their figures.