@thenightmarerider said:

I have no idea what comic this is from, but this Batman costume is pretty much a prime example of “If men were REALLY sexualised in comics”.

This seems to be a recolor of this picture from the Dark Knights Metal comic:


But the edit is so much more empowering, and is definitely reminiscent of certain designs we’re featured before.


I wish all those excessive seam lines in male costumes were really where the fabric ends and bare flesh starts. 

Funnily enough, even Wonder Woman’s (probably) earliest alternate-universe male counterpart, Wonder Warrior, officially fell a victim to a similar treatment as Batman here did: 


I don’t have doubts that male Wondy was first designed with all the bare skin the original has, but aside from what seems to a coloring mistake in one panel (first one on the left here), his arms and legs are bizarrely colored-in as white everywhere else.

Black Condor’s legs are left bare, though… because potatoes?


Wonder Warrior h/t: