This armor is attributed  to Ohori Tsuruhime (1526 (?)-1543 (?)) a miko (priestess) of the Oyamazumi shrine on  Omishima island. As the daughter of the head-priest, she took command when he died of illness. In 1541 she led troops during two naval battles in order to repel invaders. 

And it is nice to see some realistic female-armor. Of course, no boob-plate. 

Waiting for the “historical accuracy” guys to start citing this armor as example for fantasy armor reference.

Any day now.


I can already sense someone rushing to remind us For Honor exists, despite the game’s reckless disregard for the concept of historical accuracy and tendency to present diversity as an option rather than a core feature.

On a more positive note: If you’re interested in traditional depictions of Japanese warrior women, you should seriously check out @onna-musha‘s blog.   It’s really, really good.

– wincenworks