So, I’m still sorting through all the E3 promotional material but if Blade Strangers isn’t the worst of the show in terms of ridiculous outfits for female characters, it’ll do until I find the worst.

Warrior Princess Solange is back because the developers of Code Of Princess  haven’t had a better idea for a character concept in the past five years.  

This absolutely reeks of deciding that since they’re small studios they’ll need to find a way to compete with bigger marketing budgets (even Street Fighter and Tekken struggle with the current fighting market) and decided that since sexy girl sprites don’t cost more than any other sprites, they’ll put their hopes in a long debunked myth.

This is a real shame, since the the fighting game community hasn’t been asking for an unholy mix of Skullgirls and Dead Or Alive, but rather more credibility with the world in general and a new game that is focused on making more competitive by focusing on skill over being more widely marketable as a party game.

Unfortunately it seems that they instead chose to try to be like pretty much everyone else, but with fancy 2D graphics.

– wincenworks

Wait… is that…….