New BLACKWATCH GENJI mouse pad pre-orders! HERE:

I’m also bringing back the original two, butt genji and pec hanzo 🙂 Both hanzo and black watch genji use PEC shaped mousepad molds, not the rounder breast/butt one 🙂 Ships approx JULY 30th, or earlier~

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS JUNE 21st! That’s $30 per mousepad, $80 for all three instead of $35 in the future!

Rt’s appreciated, if your followers are into that kinda stuff i mean lol.

Reminder that early bird pricing ends the 21st! Get them while they’re discounted~

So, while this isn’t technically armor – it’s definitely male empowerment and so it seemed like it’d be relevant to the interests of many of our followers.

– wincenworks

Last time we reblogged the original two Shimada mousepads they were already sold out, so we’re glad to promote the new batch, including BlackWatch Genji, before preorders end.