Injustice: Gods among us Regime Wonder Woman redesign.

I tried to base it on images of Greek armor combined with elements of the official character design.

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A very welcome improvement compared to that messy hilarity you bingoed before! Would love to see a version with head protection (the only remotely creative and practical thing about the original).

I still have serious trouble believing that Injustice costume actually appears in the game, bodypaint belly and silly spikes included.

It’s like they started fine with the headgear and completely gave up below the collar. How is anyone supposed to look at that whole thing and take it seriously?

Those “evil is sexy” attempts at designing “bad” version of Wonder Woman (or a related/similar character) make me appreciate DCAU’s morally corrupt Justice Lord Diana so much more:


Sure, she’s not perfect (frankly, little to no female designs in that universe are problem-free), but it’s an honest (and successful) attempt at making her look different, without relying on ridiculous cliches.