Knight-mage Chell, portaling her way through an ancient dungeon full of traps

I genre-swapped Portal for an art challenge, and it may or may not have become a whole AU…and there may or may not be a part 2 on the way. Or should I say, a part DOS

Re-designing the portal gun and long fall boots into more fantasy-appropriate forms was a fun challenge

I really, really like this outfit for it’s convincing design, use of a gambeson and signature aesthetics without compromising effectiveness.

In fact the only thing that I don’t like about it is now I really, really want to play a fantasy AU Portal game starring Knight-Mage Chell.

– wincenworks

I always enjoy the creativity that goes into redesigning characters from different genres as medieval fantasy knights. Some of them, like the Sailor Scouts and the Crystal Gems, were already featured in our cartoony armor tag 🙂


(h/t: @pyrokitsune777)