New moderator

As I mentioned before, for almost 13 months BABD was a one-woman project done in my free time, but with the sudden surge of popularity, due to Female Armor Bingo’s popularity (thanks to many factors, like reblogs from Anita Sarkeesian, Matt Rhodes controversy and geek media coverage in general) it can no longer be so.

Bikini Armor Battle Damage always took being as professional as possible as its big priority, and with 3k + followers it is expected to maintain a regular blog schedule, which I can not do on my own (real-life stuff).

With that in mind, from now on I share moderating duties in here with wincenworks who’s been a friend to the cause for a long time and with whom I co-moderate Disqus comments on eschergirls.

Please give a warm welcome to the new mod!


Just to clarify that second picture on the Dragon Eternity post. They’re both wearing the same thing. The 2 pictures of the man and woman were put next together for comparison, but the armor sets and stuff were put on either side to indicate the set of armor.

Hi, on your recent post for Dragon Eternity, the man is wearing a breastplate and pants- both characters are wearing all the equipment in the icons surrounding them.
I’m pretty sure the layout of items is actually supposed to show that both of them have everything… just apparently the female warrior’s gear becomes invisible.
Point taken. Thank you, friends, for clearing that up!
Sorry, for I got confused by the image’s divided composition 🙁
Edited the post in question to clear things out.
Everyone who reblogged it from me, PLEASE EDIT THE POST to prevent further confusion!