Roller Jousting by

Johnson Ting

What a cool concept, and a cool mashup of armor styles! Even though it’s medieval breastplates with modern helmets, it still looks good and cohesive. I also really like the way they represent motor companies, like in a real racing sport. We really need more creative ideas like these in fantasy.


h/t: noaarmstro



The Guardian by

Lam Nguyen


This is obviously not a functional armor design, but it’s a cool concept for an idolized historical figure, or perhaps even a parade armor. The shapes work really well together, and I’m glad that the artist didn’t engrave the entirety of her breastplate. It’s hard to tell apart the metal from the cloth textures in some of the shots, but I like the contrast of the materials against each other. I do wish the color scheme was more than just 90% white and grey, but that would suit a depiction of a saint or similar figure.

My big gripe is that cincher-shaped detailing on her breastplate.

I thought to showcase this as a good example of how one can design even a nonfunctional feminine armor without having to expose the Tiddy, or give her 4 square inches of fabric.

The link to the artist’s gallery above is broken, so here is a new one. They’ve got some interesting costume designs, and they include their process, which is really interesting.






Mom, thanks by

Roma Kupriyanov

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. 

Oh man, am I ever here for this kind of thing.


It’s really amazing how storytelling you can convey when you focus on the characters and the story itself rather than dipping into cheap tropes that take a lot of work to say thing.

Especially if you’re willing to commit to letting your female characters get a little roughed up and scarred.


– wincenworks