Vikings: War Of Clans

@avatarwill113 submitted:

I can’t believe it’s not porn.It’s the advertisement for the latest strategy game Vikings;War Of Clans!


When I thinking Viking I think uncomfortable underwear. She has a good helmet, shame about everything else. I’m sure this will sell millions of copies, and certainly won’t be forgotten within a month.

Well, given it’s from the creators of Stormfall, Total Domination, Nords and of course Sparta: War of Empires (who had an affiliate actual steal images from a porn movie cover once) and include promotional imagery like this:


It’s not terribly surprising to discover that this image,which is hosted on a major affiliate networking site that makes bold promises:


Is actually fetish art, literally off deviantArt*, and the fetish in this case is highly sexualized female gladiators brutally killing each other.  This is apparently, a stock standard image that the affiliate site keeps on their servers just in case they get a client they think will match that.

I can’t be the only one who thinks this is all more than a little messed up that a major advertiser thinks this is a great generic fantasy game image. (I don’t even want to think how they found this image in the first place)

– wincenworks

Looks like somebody searched the dA image category of “artistic nude.” Even if we’re stretching suspension of disbelief for the “almost naked gladiator fighters” trope, the design is just… boring. They didn’t even put in the minimal effort of giving her some kind of insignia or blood splatter or anything.


*The artwork can be found here. Please be warned that the linked deviantArt account features disturbing content including gore and sexualized death.