Not surprisingly, Reika from Gantz was featured a couple of times on @eschergirls, there was even a post about a version of this figure that wears black bodypaint skin-tight catsuit under her impossi-kini and holds a gun badly instead of a sword. 


I’m surprised that neither version wears 5-inch heels, but I’d assume that is because with such botched anatomy and pose, balancing her on ridiculous stilettos would just make the figure physically impossible to make. 


Post marked as sensitive, because there’s no way this figure is safe for work.



figma 変態仮面

@bikiniarmorbattledamage, look at this magnificently empowered man.  He’s wearing a strategic banana-hammock, with thigh-high fishnets for leg protection!

So alluring!  So practical in battle!  SO EMPOWERED.  I don’t get why any man would complain about this!

Hentai Kamen, a superhero literally powered by the empowerment inherited from his BDSM worker mother, might be the male hero we all deserve! 





I was bored so I decided to play some Female Armor Bingo with Flip Flappers! For the last three here’s the one and only example of what the male version of the same outfit looks like.

So… everything I could find say this is a show is a sort of Magical Girl type deal and generally seems to be aimed at teenage girls and young women.

Except for various random traits like these costumes and moments like


I’m not convinced this is a great way to market to multiple demographics.

– wincenworks

Hellraiser and Hell Priestess from Sideshow

@universe63 submitted:

Just in time for Halloween, Sideshow Collectables presents the Hellraiser Hell Priestess


I know it’s not armor but I HAD to Bingo it.  I wasn’t sure how to call the garter/stocking leather boot-ish things that don’t actually go all the way down the leg. I also debated on the Skin tight square and the “How does it attach” (mostly due to those aforementioned stocking things)  Given it’s Hellraiser, “Sharp Ornamental edges…” was kind of a given.

It’s kind of amazing that even the 90s comic was more committed to genuine “in your face” body horror and some originality that gave Clive Barker’s Cenobites their charm… this one looks like they decided that what horror fans really want is Lady Death cosplaying as Pinhead with a tiny bit of body horror hidden away on her back.

So it doesn’t scare anyone who wants to fap to it.

– wincenworks