Supergirl Suit Redesigns, by Grace Kooken (Earth Ambassador Suit @ top)

Y’all need to check out the original page for this right now. There are breakdown images of each suit, with glow-in-the-dark options and turnarounds. And there are some other fun suits, like a Sun Suit and a Tank-Buster Suit.

These are all so fun, and each has its own style and flair. And they’re situation-appropriate! They’re really a joy to look at. I love how the more typical suits she would wear day-to-day keep to her established color scheme, but the “special” suits dip into different colors, but not in a way that makes her unrecognizable. Except maybe the Earth Ambassador suit, because she’s not representing herself in that context, but it comes with the coolest cloak in the known universe, so I don’t even care.

Check out the artist’s gallery for more fun characters and clay work, if that’s your thing.


We got a few requests for us to take a look at this… and well at least they didn’t give her buttsock pants.


By itself Supergirl’s outfit in IGN’s latest Injustice 2 video is a bit of a step back but nothing immediately disastrous.  Taken in context with some other factors such as the previous outfit shown, the choice of dummy opponents and the scene where Supergirl takes Wonder Woman for a trip past the Sun so the audience can admire Wondy’s butt… and it’s frankly disheartening.

It’s not so much the bare arms but rather the shift in priorities in the to make her costume to highlight her boobs, trying to make her bright and cheery (contrary to the setting) and use Wonder Woman to supplement the T&A content.

Creepy Marketing Guy’s fingerprints are all over this one.


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@whereismywizardhat submitted:

Television show creators mocking shitty comic book costumes before fixing them gives me life

There is truly no better way to let people know you’re aware of the other costume designs – and why you’re not using them.

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Ironic thing is that the top costume looks rather modest and comfortable compared to what many superheroines (including DC-based ones) get to wear in the comics. Thankfully no-one could get away with that in a life-action show!