Magic Meat Week Day 1: Fantasy

Starting it off with your typical fighter who’s ready to swing his big sword at all his enemies! Oh and use his blade too I guess

Look at that sharp armor! It says so much about him and his and backstory. Those colors and shapes are obviously alluding to his fiery personality. I really love that thong of his that doesn’t have straps. Clearly, this fighter is a Machiavellian, only wearing what is absolutely necessary, and not bothering with frivolities like a shirt, or pants, or even garters! And with a sword like that, how can he be expected to wear plate or chainmail, let alone clothes? They would only hinder his movements.

Excellent job creating a unique and deep character!



It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get to do the whole Magic Meat March challenge this year due to other conflicts, but I did get a few things out there and hey there‘s always next year! Here‘s an outfit upgrade!

Sexy male armor for today found on @magicmeatmarch! @sourshock illustrated quite nicely what the skimpy high level trope would look like on an empowered dude

Bonus points for retaining the nipple modesty even after the costume upgrade! If lady nips are a no-no, why wouldn’t male ones be, right? 


warning: artwork on OP’s blog extremely NSFW!