I find it truly baffling that Sparrow, who’s costume seems to be designed around the idea of teasing underboob when she draws her bow (x) *, is from the same game as Killari – who is perhaps one of the best looking lady assassins we’ve come across (x).

Is the crew making Paragon using some sort of spinner to decide the quality of character design vs sexualization in female characters for Paragon?  Or maybe doing it by aspect… because after seeing this:


I was really not expecting this:


Or for a female engineer character to have so much robot and so little midriff.


I’m thinking this (with the exception of Killari) probably isn’t going to help them get people to take their game seriously for some reason.

– wincenworks

* It seems that even the developers realize this is not desireable, as a much better costume is for sale in game (x) even though it’s still in Early Access.