I didn’t notice when BABD passed 800 followers today. There are 810 of you right now! O_O

Just wanna say thank you and promise more posts soon.

A few minor announcements

Related sites! section was updated with http://ria-rha.tumblr.com, collective blog of Repair-Her-Armor admins (which is awesome and totally wortch checking out).

Anonymous asks are disabled from now on. If you want me to share your enlightened opinion on female armor, do it signed with your username, dear.
Why would you give up all the credit you deserve for your words?

A friendly suggestion…

…especially if you’re new to Tumblr.

While reblogging a text post, especially a longer one, make sure that it stays in the text form, not the link form (the abridged one with the ugly green bar at the top).

To change the type of post, choose appropriate icon in the upper right corner of the post-making window (the one next to the cog icon).

Please reblog posts as links only when you intend them to be abridged.

And the 700th follower is…

nowisthewinterofourkungfu started following you

Yay, thank you guys for rising to such incredible numbers!
On the occasion of hitting 700 followers, let’s have a quick run-down of things that every BABD follower should know:

  • Bikini Armor Battle Damage is a blog always open for submissions, check out the guidelines here.
  • Because of our specific theme, posting schedule is irregular. If I find some good original/rebloggable/submitted material, I put it in the posting queue.
  • As the admin/creator,¬†I do my best to tag all posts accordingly. If you’re looking for something specific, check out tag index¬†or search bar on the left (right under menu).
  • Every post and subpage has its own DISQUS comment thread, just please keep your comments in good taste and on-topic to the page you’re on. When in doubt, check¬†What is NOT welcome¬†part of guidelines.
  • As for Tumblr-specific forms of contact,¬†askbox¬†and¬†fanmail are always open. Long-time followers can also write comments from their dashboards. I might reply to those and some of the reblogs I’d find particularly interesting.
  • If you’re interested in similar sites, look up the ones in related section. BABD favorites and affiliates are linked there.
  • I never actually closed mini-contest¬†to find out if someone recognizes an obscure cultural reference hidden in the blog’s name, so feel free to participate!

Sorry for not posting for a while, still busy and still out of on-topic reblog material.

As much as I’m tempted to post here something on Dragon’s Crown, we all know that Amazon’s battle bikini fades in the face of how ridiculous her (and the Sorceress’) bodies and posing are.

I don’t want to dilute the specific topic of this site by posting about vaguely related matters instead. Even the positive example posts are a bit of a stretch sometimes.

jinxedartwerks answered your post: Sorry for not updating often …

I wish I could think of something to submit. D= I think most people send things to either Repair-Her-Armor or Escher Girls now. =(

People have been submitting to Escher Girls forever, so it’s not like I’m jelaous XD

And Repair-Her-Armor has definitely easier to meet requirements for submission. “Find a broken outfit” and/or “Fix broken outfit”.

That reminds me… One of our submission options, in opposition to fixing the outfit, is breaking the character wearing it.
Anyone willing to draw a scantly-clad warrior woman actually getting chafed by chainmail bikini, freezing in cold weather or, you know, getting stabbed in her bare stomach?

Sorry for not updating often lately. Real life got to me, so I’m busy, and there’s no reblog material to queue.

…submit something, please?