I felt this one was worth bingo’ing specifically due to it having something in common with the Cammy pre-order outfit.  Apparently there is a real shortage of “crotch material” in the worlds of video games, and there is no limit to Sophita’s cruel transformation.

Designers, if you want to focus a costume on bits that you don’t have – consider doing some basic research on those bits.  Maybe ask some questions to people you know who have the bits.

For the good of everyone. Please.

– wincenworks

Are we absolutely sure that the Soul Calibur prophecy was not fulfilled yet?

…and that there is a piece of fabric between her buttcheeks?
Maybe I’ll just leave a question mark on “Thong”, to be safe.


Guess who’s back

There is a prophecy we shared upon this blog, and it seems the guys at Soul Calibur are doing everything in their power to make it come true.  

Think I’m joking!? This brilliant design which is a limited time collectible on Lost Swords was designed by a Hentai artist.  Now I should clarify, I don’t mean an artist who happens to have done drawn some porn at various times to pay the bills – I mean it’s his preferred genre and the one that he’s built his fanbase on.

I guess they figured his expertise would add polished professionalism to their already porntastic costume catalog for a game that already incorporates destroyable armor.

Thank you to pinchtheprincess for directing us to this one.

– wincenworks

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