Venator from Lost Lands: Mahjong


Pictured: Venator, leader of the elves, from the free Steam game Lost Lands: Mahjong. Not even mahjong solitaire games are safe from bikini armor. Tentative bingo, because while all signs point to that being a thong there’s no evidence either way, as this is the only angle ever shown. From this angle, no cleavage is actually visible, and there’s no indication of whether or her boots end in heels. I wasn’t sure whether or not the spirals on the boobs counted as nipple additions, considering how much they highlight the center of the breasts. I could have marked the upper right square, considering the one shot you get of a male elf has him in reasonable armor, but as he was several centuries old I magnanimously decided that after so much time, elvish fashion could have advanced for men.

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Creepy Marketing Guy is getting his hands on mahjong now? Yikes. I’m not even sure what kind of audience this is aimed at… Who are they expecting to advertise to who wasn’t already going to play mahjong?