Genderbending cosplay is nothing new, we see it all the time. Usually it’s hot chicks dressed as sluttier versions of male characters, but we rarely see manly-men, like Dr. Teng above, dressed as scantily-clad lady characters.

I’d actually kind of like to see this idea pushed all the way to the opposite end of the spectrum — like dudes cosplaying as super suave and macho versions of half-nekkid chicks. I wonder if the character’s would even still be recognizable.

(top pic via Anna Fischer)

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I fucking love this!

@bikiniarmorbattledamage some empowering male cosplay and a lovely example of giving men the same skimpy outfits as their female counterparts. A truly wonderful cosplay, if I do say so.

Always open to a sexy male take on Tomb Raider! We had a CG 3D one and 2D colored pencil one on the blog already, so real life version is welcome as well! 

This really is an equal opportunity sexy costume.




You know how in those videogames when the girl character gets an “armor upgrade” and it’s actually super sexier??? I imagine Tony that way :))))
Tony actually wore this ironman suit in the 80s comics, NO JOKE

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@bikiniarmorbattledamage check out this empowering iron man armour, which is apparently canon

We have to send a strongly-worded letter to Marvel about this blatant CENSORSHIP! How could they put Tony in that awful, protective full-body armor when he could be saving the world in a metal crop top?? Now, finally, he and Cap can match!

And with such soulful eyes, he will definitely lead the Avengers to victory!