But, but I was assured that outfit was a symbol of empowerment!

Clearly the problem is that even a galaxy far, far away is not ready for this much awesome.

– wincenworks


My most popular post has received a lot of arguments lately, so I figured I’d respond to the most common points people bring up.


Carrie Fisher on her costumes 

what supermodels wear in hell

 on Padme’s wardrobe 

to get a general gist of Queen Jamillia’s and Oola’s screen time, here are the scripts for Attack of the Clones (Jamillia is in 359 word scene) and Return of the Jedi (Oola is in scenes that add up to 275 words)

Star Wars Bechedel Test results  here

As we’re on the subject of Star Wars and Leia’s bikini

With The Force Awakens premiere approaching, let’s remember that sexualized image of (very scarce) female characters in Star Wars movies so far was never really justified with anything more than the creator’s decision.

Slave Leia outfit is not what empowered the character (or the actress), it was her in-story motivations and personality. And let’s be completely honest: what made that costume a “slave” outfit (and, incidentally, what assisted princess in killing Jabba) was the chain attached to her collar, not the arbitrary metal bikini.


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