Made a quick video of how I put armour on by myself, with the help of my trusty coat-hanger, Squire. There’s no crappy talking, just me making a lot of dumb faces. I got halfway through filming before I realised I left my bracers in my car, whoops. Hope you guys like it. Feel free to ask me question.

It’s silly, but I had fun making it, and the music fits strangely well. 

@bikiniarmorbattledamage a more comprehensive video for ya’ll 😉

An awesome display of the process of putting over a basic set of plate armor without the assistance of a squire (which is how most people wearing it would have had to have put it on).

While traditionally we see illustrations showing plate armor being put on with an assistant, it’s worth remembering that we usually only see illustrations of knights who had already had squires and so put them to good use.  Men-at-arms without squires had to do things themselves.

That and throughout various periods in history people have designed clothes that can’t be put on without assistance purely to demonstrate that they were wealthy enough to a personal servant.

– wincenworks


Filmed this one for @bikiniarmorbattledamage.
Armstreet steel plate legs. Heavy? Yeah. Impossible to move in? Absolutely not. Girls can totally wear armour. I see a hundred girls run around in armour every week. Maneuverable and sexy 😉

I love this not only for the demonstration of how proper plate armor still allows for quick and agile movement without great strain – but also the kind of gear worn under the armor (namely the arming belt).

Not only is plate armor designed for vigorous activity (battles are an amazing workout), to allow for denting, but also gear like arming belts that sit beneath it. It can have fitted parts, but it’s never going to be form fitting.

If your interested in more images of well made, well fitted pieces of armor being worn by a woman you should check out @larplyyyyyyf‘s blog.

– wincenworks