Hanzo | Magician

Every year, Hanzo bypasses the bodyguards of Hanamura to visit Shimada Castle, employing all manner of tactics, combat, and costumes.

  • Storm Arrows take the shape of rabbits.
  • Dragonstrike is now Rabbitstrike.

There isn’t a single thing I don’t love about this concept: The quiver that’s too short because it’s ~magic~, the tattoo going up his entire leg, the raw magic bow, the little mask.

We all know that Hanzo is a ranged combatant, so he doesn’t need to wear actual protective clothing. Indeed, those shoes probably help him be stealthier! And if someone does find him and tries to initiate in melee, he’s got the distraction tactic all ready to go with those buns. It’s perfect.

Blizzard really missed a golden opportunity with the magician skin idea. I am conflicted about one thing though…. which skin of the bottom 3 is my favorite!! How am I supposed to choose?




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So, while this isn’t technically armor – it’s definitely male empowerment and so it seemed like it’d be relevant to the interests of many of our followers.

– wincenworks

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aka. Hipster Hanzo

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Now, this is is the sort of empowerment that Blizzard should be providing for their male heroes in these trying times.  Look at that confidence and badassery – plus the sexual empowerment of being willing to let you see all his piercings (or is it just most of his piercings… if you know what I mean)

Here’s hoping someone on the Overwatch team latches onto this idea and lets it inspire their next Hanzo skin.

– wincenworks