Overwatch Halloween adjusted

nibelung2 submitted: 

The reddit user Chattywindow looked at the skins Blizzard gave to McCree (Van Helsing) and Symmetra (naked dragon lady), and made footage of both of them cosplaying each other. I present you Van Helsym and Incubus McCree.

And so the trend of fans swapping gendered Ovewatch character skins continues, this time with the official Halloween 2017 costumes. Nipple rings on Incubus McCree are such a nice touch! And Van Helsym is finally a look Symmetra deserves.

It really is sad how easily modders prove to Blizzard that women do look awesome in non-sexualized outfits, yet official skins barely ever apply to that. 

If fans can do women better in their spare time, Blizzard definitely can do that with their abundant resources. They just don’t want to.


Is the only way for Symmetra to get real pants going to be through fanart?


edit: The creator of those edits, @otherwindow, put them on Tumblr as well: Incubus McCree | Van Helsym

h/t: @pinguminati

Overwatch Halloween 2017

Good news, this time new* Overwatch Halloween skins aren’t lazily whitewashed undead! Hell, Blizzard actually reached out for some GOOD ideas that our contestants had last year and made Pirate Ana and Jiangshi Mei

Why is Symmetra sexualized even as a dragon, though? That skin really could do without reptilian boobs. They even made her dragon feet super strange-looking, because she always needs to be in high heels

Also, why none of the characters released since last year get a spooky costume? It’s not like Orisa, Doomfist and Sombra are any less likely to celebrate Halloween than any other OW hero coming from a culture that doesn’t care about this holiday.
And, most of all, where are the sexy male Overwatch costumes? Do we always have to rely on fan-made content to provide that?


*Unfortunately, as per usual, old skins are available again.

As a child of the 80s I am somewhat confused about why Zarya’s “Totally 80s” outfit is horror themed… I mean… they weren’t that bad.  The fashion was that bad, but I don’t see how it counts as horror.

Also, Blizzard seems to really want to double down on new skins for Symmetra that maximize the panty flash… even if she’s a dragon monster.

– wincenworks