Angela, as seen in the Guardians of Galaxy cartoon

Amazingly, in transition from comic book to animation aimed at children, her bikini armor transforms into a skin-tight full body armor with a cleavage. Reminds me of that time Dagger’s catsuit somehow managed not to have a huge cross-shaped cutout on her boobs in the Ultimate Spider-Man show

I guess, in a way, superheroine costumes are kinda like pokemon who evolve only via trade (except pokemon are always awesome). They need a change of medium to be even a little bit less awful.


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I saw this on twitter and thought it relevant to your blog.

There’s so much in this casting call that we’ve talked about indirectly before:

And this was a movie where I was kind of kind of excited about because it had Gamora in it!

– wincenworks

It’s one of those cases that disappoints, but doesn’t surprise me. Especially since with the first movie, not unlike with Avengers, they reduced female team member count to one, despite there being more women in the comics.

For all the praise Marvel Cinematic Univese gets, it still has a really hard time letting go of tired tropes and conventions, like the Smurfette Principle and Men Are Strong, Women Are Pretty.

And we should be always pointing that out, for as long as it remains the status quo.