New BLACKWATCH GENJI mouse pad pre-orders! HERE:

I’m also bringing back the original two, butt genji and pec hanzo 🙂 Both hanzo and black watch genji use PEC shaped mousepad molds, not the rounder breast/butt one 🙂 Ships approx JULY 30th, or earlier~

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS JUNE 21st! That’s $30 per mousepad, $80 for all three instead of $35 in the future!

Rt’s appreciated, if your followers are into that kinda stuff i mean lol.

Reminder that early bird pricing ends the 21st! Get them while they’re discounted~

So, while this isn’t technically armor – it’s definitely male empowerment and so it seemed like it’d be relevant to the interests of many of our followers.

– wincenworks

Last time we reblogged the original two Shimada mousepads they were already sold out, so we’re glad to promote the new batch, including BlackWatch Genji, before preorders end.




Good stuff. Thanks @shattered-earth

oh my god more gifs yes thanks also you’re welcome

Remember that Deadpool pec mousepad we featured some time ago? @shattered-earth also contributed to reclaiming grope-y mousepads by people interested in men with those very limited (and sold out in preorders) Overwatch bros

The extra effort put into Hanzo pec wrist pillows actually getting manufactured in pectoral shape makes me see his appeal, which so often was claimed to balance out how generically sexy almost every female Overwatch character is

Too bad Blizzard isn’t in a hurry to officially display male heroes like that and make the equivalence real. 
As always, male and female empowerment gets to be truly balanced only through fan activity.