Me and honestlyvan redesigned Fran’s armor from Final Fantasy XII because, well, obvious reasons.

Van figured that the viera probably practise guerilla warfare inside the forest, so they mostly wear muted leather and a ghillie cape as camouflage.

Thumbs up for a 200% improvement.

Oh hey, turns out that fantasy rabbit people don’t have to wear elaborate fetish metal underwear as armor to convey a sense of, well, fantasy. 

(Not) surprisingly, there’s also no way to justify them wearing absurdly high heels as an evolutionary advantage.


Original post with the full gallery available here.

I think it’s worth emphasizing that not only do cheesecake designs on serious characters insult the audience – they represent massive missed opportunities.  Every time a company decides to go with “sex sells” instead of a solid design it means that all kinds of great potential is flushed away sight unseen.

– wincenworks

A quick reality check on the fact that every lazy “sex sells” female* character design accounts for another wasted chance for greatness.


*Not to say that male characters don’t fall victims to creative bankruptcy in their own right, but they still manage to have A LOT more cliches and archetypes to choose from and not be reduced to fap fodder by default.

According to the responses so far, it seems that Fran’s outfit can hit a QUADRUPLE BINGO!

Depending on one’s opinion about what counts for those previously unchecked squares in yesterday’s “Easter-themed” bingo post, Fran WINS THE BINGO up to four times!
A few followers pointed out three potentially eligible squares more to cross.


Just look (bolded the proposed additional squares for convenience):

geezgeorge replied to your post: To add some “Easter bunny” flavor toda…


quantumsiren asked:

Hey on the Fran bingo card, you can also mark that her nipples poke through. I’ve seen close ups of her chest, and you can see that it’s molded to her nipples. I love Fran but her armor is ridiculous.

kyrosion reblogged your post To add some “Easter bunny” flavor toda… and added:

Look at the way the top is designed; there’s nothing holding the front up. It’s kinda pretending to be a corset-type thing, but since they cut the stomach out, the bottom part is just dead weight rather than contributing support. The whole outfit should be dragging her breasts down, if it answered to gravity… As is, it’s certainly not lending any support, regardless of whether she’s likely to pop out a boob (which I’d say she is, but that’s more subjective).

So, without futher ado, here’s the updated bingo card for Fran!


72% of the squares and FOUR bingos!


I’m convinced we came across a record breaker.



edit: One more square was pointed out by raezii

raezii replied to your post:

I’d also add that she wears that outfit while travelling in the Paramina Rift and there is definitely a blizzard happening 1/3 of the time… ie basically naked in cold climate http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100421010742/finalfantasy/images/6/6f/Ice_Elemental.jpg