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Roma Kupriyanov

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. 

Oh man, am I ever here for this kind of thing.


It’s really amazing how storytelling you can convey when you focus on the characters and the story itself rather than dipping into cheap tropes that take a lot of work to say thing.

Especially if you’re willing to commit to letting your female characters get a little roughed up and scarred.


– wincenworks



Princess Gisla + Blue Battle Costume

@bikiniarmorbattledamage? Boobplate and chainmail veil? Good luck untangling that from her hair!

LOL, this looks like designed by someone who heard about armor and maybe saw a picture or two of it, but never got the hang of what it’s supposed to do.


It’s kind of amazing that this is from Vikings, a show which has both shown us they can do convincing aesthetic and is at least fairly interested in doing the historical research.

Yet somehow, they’ve managed to not only product this thing but also put it in the same shots as fairly convincing real battlefield armor – making Gisla look like an extra from a fantasy movie production who accidentally wandered onto the wrong set.

– wincenworks