A collection of Ladyknights, for anyone feeling particularly chivalrous.

Now this is an awesome range of designs and concepts to showcase all kinds of approaches and personalities.

I also particularly like how every one of them has a weapon that matches to the kinds of armor they’re wearing.

– wincenworks

More Positive Examples on BABD

So, while Valve itself has a pretty good track record for female characters such as Chell and Alyx Vance… it seems when allowing others to use the Counter-Strike   And apparently it gets worse once you start playing:

This is from the publisher that brought us VindictusGhost in the Shell: First Assault and Riders of Icarus so it’s not a really that surprising.  Though what continually surprises me is that the same publishers also produce the rather excellent Dirty Bomb.

– wincenworks

Took exactly one issue to go from them deciding their fantasy take on the Crusades going to be promoted with sort of realistic looking armor to deciding they need semi-naked warrior women… why am I not surprised?

– wincenworks