Cheetah’s appearance in Injustice 2. Why even put clothing on an animal hybrid? She’s covered in fur, what are the clothes for? Because they’re not for any purposes of breast support or protection from attacks… The “outfit” ends up calling more attention to various body parts by putting clothes on them, much in the same vein as Jack in Mass Effect 2. That loincloth especially calls a lot of attention to itself.

Also, does she apply lipstick as part of her grooming routine? What’s going on with her mouth?


Though I’ll give her that she looks rightfully upset.


Cheetah’s design changed a lot over time, though whether her spots were a costume or her own fur, she rarely wore clothes over them [image source]:


When she did, though, it was some basic minimalistic garb, not overdesigned “savage” costume  with way too many “exotic” accessories over boobs and butt.


So, glossing over the potential issues with referring to them as girls… can we talk about how the outfits in this are leather catsuit fetish, fishnets and leather fetishwear, “jungle” themed bikini and “sexy pot plant” Halloween costume?

Combine this with Catwoman’s line about just wanting to get Batman’s attention and it’s… well, I don’t actually believe that the guys who put this trailer together really cared about the battles that would allegedly define them.

– wincenworks

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