Black Desert Online

@avatarwill113 submitted:

A Dark Knight from Black Desert Online. It’s so incredible generic and dreadful.


I do get the feeling that Black Desert Online crew does more research looking through Lady Gaga’s wardrobe than any textbook.  Sadly this doesn’t make them unique in the slightest, just perhaps the most blatant. (x


Of course, Lady Gaga is trying to get attention through some combination of shock and novelty, and is hopefully not expecting to get trapped in mortal combat at any moment.

– wincenworks


Love my character on Black Desert but omg I hate when she smiles xD 
I wonder what @bikiniarmorbattledamage would think of her armour, considering she’s the sorceress and is meant to be in melee range.

This armor looks kind of familiar…. only it’s actually less practical.  Somehow.


Based off the changes, I think in another 27 years we’ll see “armor” that is just basically a copy of the costume from a certain music video also released in 1989.

I’m so glad we have people out there looking to make sure nobody encroaches on mainstream video games’ creative freedom.

– wincenworks

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Does anyone else hear Lady Gaga commanding “Walk, walk fashion baby!” when they look at this design or is it just me?

What I find really interesting about Black Desert’s Sorceress is that apparently even their own team couldn’t take this outfit seriously and the game play video has her in tights and a jacket:


– wincenworks