ashura02 submitted:

This sexy lady you see in there is Claudia, the female protagonist of one of my favourite french comics of all times, Requiem: Chevalier Vampire.
It’s a very good story (although is very nsfw, it has a lot of explicit violence, nudity and sex scenes) but… it could do waaay better with female representation.
The double standards here is something that really hurts, specially while the males have this awesome armors:

And females has… well, you’ve seen.

The only valid excuse i could see for this is that the story happens in hell itself and they’re all vampires and are practically indestructible but… this does not explain why males have such badass-looking armor and females don’t.

And it’s not only the costumes, within the story, a lot of the male characters refers to women in a very despicable way; just because “they’re all sinners and are in hell” (literally this is the excuse they give when they say or do some painful sexist things)
There are some genuinely good female characters tho, such as the queen of Dystopia:

But she only appears for a very short time, i think in fact she only appears in one of the numbers.
There are also a group of only female pirates whose leader is some kind of transgender women (it is not specified but you can guess by some things she says and also her past when alive). And they are treat very equal to any other group of characters within the story, and are the ones that looks the least sexualized of all:

Yes… This lady is one of the least sexualized character in the story…

If you’d like to see, you’ll find some bingo material and you don’t even have to search really much (the cover of the 7th volume for example, the 10th and even the 2nd).

(I also want to apologize for my spelling or writing errors, english is not my first language and i’m still learning.)

So I did some cursory research, and you were right: finding bingo material in this series is not even that hard. The most clothing I’ve seen Claudia wear is this:


And while those boots are amazing, her top is somehow even worse than the bingo’ed one… it’s giving me second-hand pains. She does have fun facial expressions, though.


And I will say that despite the questionable choices for covers, the texture rendering on them is pretty damn good. Of the covers I’ve seen, I think this one is my favorite; it’s got pretty cohesive shape language and a striking (if conventional) color palette. Plus I’m a sucker for ladies with huge shoulder pads, sorry!


Looking into this comic was definitely a trip, though. Thanks for the submission!