“Really? Flashing tits makes this a ‘grown up’ game? This is such skewed thinking and what is a huge flaw within the gamer community. You’re completely over-looking everything that is just wrong with this, especially since this is a battle game and bikini armor does absolutely nothing. That huge patch of skin is gonna do a hell of a lot to deflect Link’s arrows.

All this is is pandering to male gamers and brings absolutely nothing else to the game except spank bank material. It’s lazy character designing, factually flawed, biased and sexist. I wouldn’t be complaining half as much as I am if it wasn’t for the next screenshot that shows a male character in full, heavy duty armor.” – Some dude on reddit

Pretty much sums up my thoughts on the new Hyrule Warriors female villain. Kind of really getting annoyed with this stuff. 

Nintendo, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, apparently decided to double down on this.

They decided to make a DLC with an alternative outfit provided you want to pay the bargain price of US$7.99 for…


So, rather than embracing the era of the modding community (who make some very genuinely sexy mods) they’re offering to sell you an outfit that’s only slightly less terrible (presumably if it was a good outfit you wouldn’t know it was a game for grown ups).

But apparently no amount of money will convince Cia to put on something comfy and stop wearing a bra on her head.

– wincenworks

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I’d always thought that Angemon was shirtless, and the only thing he was wearing aside from the helmet was a loincloth and boots, but I can see now that he is basically wearing a vacuum-sealed morphsuit in addition. I’d personally argue that Angewomon’s outfit was never intended to represent armor in any case(though I’m not sure what it WAS supposed to represent) oh, and at least Ophanimon’s evil form(Falldown mode) doesn’t have the belly window though if it directly translates it might have

the metal directly on skin problem

RE: Angewomon’s bingo description

Yes, that’s exactly how it looks to me. Thank you for understanding that!

We got some replies from readers who didn’t seem to notice that there’s skin-colored part of Angemon’s face visible, which suggest he’s wearing a skin-tight white bodysuit all over.

I’d even be willing to reconsider, if not for Angewomon, whose design is obviously inspired by his. She definitely wears a strapless one-legged costume with random parts cut out to show her skin. Even her transformation sequence confirms:


So, considering Angemon is her male equivalent, same principle applies: the white stuff is skin-tight clothing, not the character’s skin.


TL;DR: Angemon is not shirtless.

As for her clothes not representing armor, we got that point covered here. As long as she fights looking like that, it counts as a bingo material 😉
Also, she’s wearing a helmet, so at least that part is supposed to imply protection.

And yeah, it’s kind of weird that the evil version of Ophanimon (Angewomon’s ultimate form) is the only fully-covered one. What a bizarre exception.