Jorana, The Amazon by guilherme-batista


I like the overall design of this character, with the striking shapes and interesting color choices. This was made for a board game with units (where not all the lady characters on it are as well-designed), where she is the only lady tank. I’m not sure why they gave her a two-handed weapon instead of a shield and a one-handed weapon, but that was probably the decision of the actual game-making company, not the artist, who was outsourced. There is a lot of good layering detail in this one. This obviously isn’t realistically-shaped armor, but I can believe that a fantasy blacksmith could actually make something like this and have it be functional.

I do have some gripes about her very passive facial expression and the overdetailing on her armor. The design ends up being a bit too busy, in my opinion. I’m also not quite sure about the gorget at her neck; it could have been moved down to allow her to lower her chin.

Jorana does look pretty badass, and it’s nice to see an Amazon who’s not wearing S&M-style leather coverings.