animaloftheelements submitted:

relation to the “Super Manga Matrix” book, I actually have a fairly
similar book called the “costume matrix” and well… It’s far more helpful
than what I’ve seen of the other book.

basically the same concept, take a “base” clothing style (school
uniform, military uniform, japanese clothes, gothic/formal, casual,
foreign cultures) and mix it with another base, or with a “motif”
(animal, elements, scifi/mecha, seasons, plants).

each section of
the book has one of the bases and combines it, usually showing at least
two designs (in terms of motifs though, there may be more than one
design but they would use something different i.e. having four school
uniform x animal examples but with four different specific animals) so
there’s a little more variety

mostly a reference book rather than a “how to draw” and even then they
have a little brainstorming game using web diagrams and word association
to make a design

It’s got absolutely no escher girl posing however they do have a few slightly questionable designs

the worst of the bunch being this girl

is combining Military clothing as a base (specifically armor) and a
dragon and they got this. Granted its far better than what I’ve seen of
most womens’ armor(even by the same author) but it is a disappointing
one compared to everything else

I guess what I’m trying to say is, here is the same concept, with better designers

That’s really cool!  And it does seem very helpful for brainstorming, especially since they show you a variety of combinations and bases! 

The dragon armor amuses me, but I do like how the dragon design wraps around her, even if it’s bikini armor x3

Thanks for sharing!

Sigh, even in a practical interesting book that helps with costume design there had to be a physics-denying bikini armor, huh? 

What upsets me the most is that this book’s idea works basically the same as @dogbomber​‘s Lady Knight Generator, so the result could look like any of these awesome characters, yet this artist’s first idea for “dragon armor” was the underbooby thing in the last image :-/