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This is from a real video game called “Riders of Icarus” and this is what you see during the character select screen. Viewable on many Riders of Icarus review videos that go through character selection screens. These images were obtained from https://www.tentonhammer.com/guides/riders-of-icarus-choosing-a-class

Not only is the double standard very apparent, it’s also extremely inconsistent as well (and of course, 100% illogical because why would a woman wearing full plate reveal MORE than the assassin class??? On top of the, you know, why reveal anything dilemma).

Also, literal bikini armour. LITERAL bikini armour. I can’t…

(Order of classes from top to bottom in captions:


Assassin, Priest, Wizard, Berserker.)

This is the textbookiest of texbook examples of double standard in armor we’ve seen in ages. Amazingly creative


I remember how Riders of Icarus released it’s trailer it almost looked like it wasn’t going to this nonsense… for a literal minute.

You have to love their commitment to the novel idea of wings combing out of the lower legs… then going with the most generically awful female costumes…. short skirts don’t really seem compatible with dragon riding.

For bonus points, this is the first female character you’ll come across on their site if you scroll down through the promo images from the top:


– wincenworks